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Mermaid Chandelier Earrings

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These mermaid chandelier earrings are so adorable! For all those mermaids (or mermen) who want to feel closer to the water need not wait to get these!

I individually hand wrapped each purple, blue, and pink jade gemstone to create this cascade of beauty! I hope you enjoy!  

This item is made with Aloha and shipped directly from Hawaii.


We care about the environment, especially our oceans! That's why we ship using eco-friendly packaging.  Our packaging is made from:

  • 32.6% post industrial recycled content (51% recycled content in the outer layer, 8% recycled content in the bubble layer and 8% recycled content in the capping layer)
  • Has a DUAL adhesive strip so you can REUSE it!
  • Fully recyclable; accepted at store drop off or curbside services that take grocery bags.
  • Made in the USA!