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Sun Tide Fringe Earrings - 14k White Gold

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I hand wrapped 14k white gold filled hoops with white ton-S thread that is hand waxed with natural beeswax to create strength. It also waterproofs the fringe! 
The design is filled with turquoise, yellow, white, gun metal, and gold high quality Japanese seed beads.

This item is made with Aloha and shipped directly from Hawaii.

We care about the environment, especially our oceans! That's why we ship using eco-friendly packaging.  Our packaging is made from:

  •     32.6% post industrial recycled content (51% recycled content in the outer layer, 8% recycled content in the bubble layer and 8% recycled content in the capping layer)
  •     Has a DUAL adhesive strip so you can REUSE it!
  •     Fully recyclable
  •     Made in the USA!


*Although the fringe beadwork is waterproofed with natural beeswax, I do not recommend swimming with them as the 14k gold is delicate.